Thursday, March 26, 2009


Orbs, what are they?

This is a very touchy subject. Most paranormal investigators don't recognize orbs at all. Why? Aren't these round objects paranormal activity?

It is so easy to create orbs, especially with a digital camera. There are many things that when photographed will look like an orb, dust; dirt; flying insects; cold breath, to name a few. Some will say that if there is color to the orb or if it has a tail then they will consider it paranormal energy. Orbs are not actuality ghosts. It implies that paranormal activity could be present. Orbs appear in pictures as round balls of light. They range in size from very small to huge.

I have taken many pictures with orbs in them. I also have a picture of a orb with a tail and one that is very brightly lit up.