Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Bell Witch

It was 1817 when the Bell witch first appeared to John Bell. Bell was near the cornfield one evening. He spotted a dog-like creature in the cornfield, and not wanting his crops crushed he brought up his gun and shot at the creature. The creature disappeared at once into thin air. That night it started: sounds of knocking and scratching at the front door as if someone or something was trying to get into their home. When someone would look outside nothing would be there.
This is how the haunting started. After the creature disappeared in the corn field, the Bell family became tormented by this strange entity for years.

The entity didn’t take long and found its way into the home. Once inside it began to harass the family and all that crossed the threshold. It most favorite person to torment was John. However, the children were also regularly attacked.

The Bell Witch’s haunting included disembodied voices, ghostly creatures, and incredible
violence. This included not only the family, but also visitors to the farm. Blankets were pulled off the beds while the children slept. There was violence toward to the family in acts of kicking and scratching, and hair pulling.

John wanted to keep the entities attacks on his family a secret. However, it became so overwhelming and he entrusted his secret in a friend, James Johnson. Johnson and his wife stayed the night at the Bell homestead, and was witness to the many strange things going on at the Bell house.

After a while, John asked the church Minister to visit his home. The Minister was going to bless the house and to perform an exorcism. The exorcism had no effect on the entity. The exorcism only infuriated the witch and she struck back with her normal use of violence.
John Bell died on December 19, 1820. Stories are told that the Bell Witch sang at his funeral. After the funeral, family and friends, stood watching his body being lowered into the ground. They were encircled with eerie winds and possible laughter of the Bell Witch.

After the funeral, the entity returned to the Bell home and affirmed that she would return in seven years. The Bell Witch kept her promise and returned in 1828. She kept the visit brief and remained at the cave for only a little while.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Jersy Devil

Legend: Fact or Fiction -- you decide.
The following story was taking from the Shadowlands website.

It has haunted New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the past 260 years. It has terrorized towns and caused factories and schools to close down. Many people believe that the Jersey Devil is a legend, a mythical beast, that originated from the folklore of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

One of the most popular legends says a Mrs. Shrouds of Leeds Point, NJ made a wish that if she ever had another child, she want it to be a devil. Her next child was born misshapen and deformed. She sheltered it in the house, so the curious couldn't see him. On stormy night, the child flapped it's arms, which turned into wings, and escaped out the chimney and was never seen by the family again.

Another story is that Burlington, NJ, also claims to be the birthplace of the Jersey Devil. In 1735, Mother Leeds was in labor on a stormy night. Gathered around her were her friends. Mother Leeds was supposedly a witch and the child's father was the devil himself. The child was born normal, but then changed form. It changed from a normal baby to a creature with hooves, a horses head, bat wings and a forked tail.

The first thing that ties the legends together is the name "Leeds". Whether the mothers name was Leeds or the birth place was Leeds Point, all of the stories include the name Leeds. Alfred Heston, the Atlantic County Historian, believes that the devil could be a Leeds or a Shrouds baby. He discovered that a Daniel Leeds opened land in Great Egg Harbor, NJ, in 1699. His family lived in Leeds Point. He also discovered a Samuel Shrouds, Sr. came to Little Egg Harbor, NJ, in 1735 and lived right across the river from the house of Mother Leeds.

In the week of January 16-23. 1909. During this week, the devil would leave his tracks all over South Jersey and Philadelphia. He was seen by over 1,000 people. This was his largest appearance ever.

The sightings and prints are the most substantial evidence that exists. Many of the theories on the Jersey Devil are based upon that evidence. Some theories can be proven invalid, while others seem to provide support for the Jersey Devil's existence.
The Jersey Devil has been seen by reliable people such as police, government officials, postmasters, businessman, and other people whose "integrity is beyond question.

Check it out for yourself, read the whole article here:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Possible UFO . . . You decide

This was e-mailed to me and I thought I would share the story.

Dozens of residents of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa Ontario and nearby Gatineau, Que., witnessed an object streak across the night sky at about 10pm local time Monday night July 27 and crash into the Ottawa River with a “thunderous boom.”

The object had lights on it and appeared to change course several times, like a small plane struggling to stay airborn, before it hit the water.

It was such a sight that emergency rescue and search crews in the area sprung into action and began searching the area using sophisticated sonars and underwater cameras to try and figure out what the object was. Even helicopters from the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) in nearby Trenton took part. On Tuesday at 1:30pm, they discovered an object about 9 meters (30 feet) below the surface, but because of currents and nearby rapids, sending divers down would be extremely dangerous since they would be instantly swept away by the currents.

The mystery? Authorities and residents have no idea what this object laying at the bottom of the river is. There are no planes missing from the area, no other aircraft like helicopters, etc. are missing. There is no derbis, no oil slick and even space agencies that were contacted said nothing disappeared from orbit.

But the fact still remains - something fell into the Ottawa River Monday night that prompted a massive co-ordinated search by local authorities and the Canadian Military. They found an object below the surface and don’t know exactly what it is.

It truly is a UFO mystery at this point.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper is the famed serial killer of the White chapel (England) murders. In the year 1888 he killed at least five woman. No one has ever been arrested or tried for these murders. His victims were woman who were prostitutes. He slit their throats and mutilated their bodies. All of the murders, were committed on Saturdays or Sundays.

How did he get he name? A letter was sent to the London Central News Agency by someone claiming to be the killer and called himself Jack the Ripper. It received world wide exposure.

Here is a profile as to who he might have been:

White male
Average height
Between 20 and 40 years of age
Had medical expertise

Names places, and dates of his five victims:

Mary Ann (Polly) Nichols, murdered on Bucks' Row, Friday, August 31, 1888.
Annie Chapman, murdered at 29 Hanbury Street, Saturday, September 8, 1888.
Elizabeth Stride, murdered on Berner Street, Sunday, September 30, 1888.
Catharine Eddowes, murdered in Mitre Square, Sunday, September 30, 1888.
Mary Jane (Marie Jeanette) Kelly, murdered at Number 13 Miller's Court, Friday, November 9, 1888.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Timberidge Cemetery

Timberidge Cemetery is a few miles from the town of Catoosa, OK. It sits close to the area, know by the locals, Haunted Hallow.

The story goes like this. A young Indian boy was stopped on the road with his bike, and was hit by a car. The boy died and was buried in the cemetery. Since then, drivers have claim to see a young boy kneeling next to a bike. Some drivers have swerved to miss him and others clearly felt the car strike something. When they would pull over to the side of the road there would be no body. Some people have reported finding bloody hand prints on the fenders and damage to the front of their car.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brumder Mansion

Brumder Mansion, Milwaukee, was built in 1910 by publisher George Brumder.

Throughout the years it has had many purposes; boarding house, parsonage, Lutheran youth-group coffee house/ music venue and even a hideaway for supposed prohibition-era mobster, Sam Picks. Today the mansion is a stylish bed and breakfast.

An older female ghost has been identified as Susan. She likes to hang out in the Gold Room. There is another younger ghost that likes the third floor, especially Marion’s Room. A third ghost is male who enjoys the Parlor and George’s Suite.

Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators has had the opportunity to investigate this old house. Some things they picked up on were EVP’s of voices, a string instrument, and a whistle. Two investigators reported of having felt a gentle touch. The evidence obtained does offer a possible haunted bed and breakfast, and that these ghosts are friendly.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Haunted America

I have gathered a list of some of the most haunted places in America.

Stone Lion Inn, Guthrie, OK
Abandon Hospital, Guthrie, OK

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Midlothian, IL
The Old Slave House (Hickory Hill), Junction, IL
Lincoln Theater, Decatur, IL

The Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, MO

Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, IA

The Winchester Mansion, San Jose, CA
The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
Alcatraz, San Francisco Bay, CA

Bobby Mackey's Music World, Wilder, KY
Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY

Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA

John Stone's Inn, Ashland, MA

Bell Witch Cave, Adams, TN

Gettysburg Battlefield, Southern PA
Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

Saint Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine, FL

Happy hunting.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Guthrie Masonic Boys Home

Here are the legends of the boys home.

One of the head mistresses was cruel. One time she punished a 6-year-old boy and beat him to death. She buried his body in the basement of the home. When questioned about the boys disappearance she said that the boy had run off. Over the follow three years four more boys disappeared.

The plumbing in the orphanage broke and in order to repair it the workers would be digging about in the basement. So the head mistress decided it would be best to move the bodies. One of the custodians noticed her strange actions and followed her to the basement. He watched her dig up the remains.

Also a nurse working at the home hung herself in the bell tower, they say she had anger issues and was probably unstable with reality. Other reports claim that there were graves in the backyard.

Ghostly encounters include an entity of a little girl who pleads for protection, a woman has been seen walking down the main hallway, a dark shadow has been seen in the bell tower and has been known to hover around people, and sounds of crying and screaming children.

The Masonic Children’s Home opened it’s door on December 31, 1907, in Atoka OK. In 1910 the home was moved near El Reno, OK. September 1922 was when the doors at Guthrie were open. The home remained opened until 1977. In 2000 it was privately bought and remolded into a residents.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oklahoma City ghost caught on tape

On July 17 2003, a ghost was caught on a surveillance camera at an auto storage lot in Oklahoma City. The woman watching the event sent out another employee to take a look. The employee reported not to have seen anything unusual. The ghostly image looked human-shaded and floated around in a circular pattern as if searching for something.

After this story aired on television a family came forward claiming the woman was there daughter, Tracy Martin. Tracy died from the injuries she received from a horrible car crash on June 30. Then 18 days later her truck was moved, from the place it had set when it was brought to the lot, just hours before the image appeared on the video camera.

A well known and respected paranormal group, of the area, conducted an investigation and found no evidence of any other paranormal activity at this location. Experts in the field of video editing all agreed that the video couldn't be explained and that it would cost thousand of dollars on equipment to recreate this video.

Another paranormal group viewed the video and afterward they thought they could recreate it. Using the stage illusion called “pepper's ghost” they claimed that they were successful at recreating the video.

I have listed both paranormal teams links and the youtube link for you can decided for yourself.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lizzy Borden

The famed Lizzie Borden, did she murder her father and step-mother. We may never know the what really happen. This has became one of the most famous unsolved crimes of all time.

Lizzie was born, to Andrew and Sarah Borden, in Fall River Massachusetts on July 19, 1860. She died of pneumonia on June 1, 1927. She had one older sister, Emma Borden. She was acquitted of murdering her father and step-mother. No one else was ever arrested or tried for the crimes.

It all began on August 4, 1892. Emma was not at home and the maid, Bridget Sullivan, was in her room resting. She had gotten sick earlier that morning. Mrs. Borden was upstairs tiding up the guest room and Mr. Borden was out on errands. Lizzy was out in the barn looking for fishing lures for an upcoming fishing trip.

At 10:45 Mr. Borden returned home and laid down in the sitting room for a nap. Around 11:00 Lizzy woke up Bridget saying that someone had broke into the house and killer her father. When Bridget asked about Mrs. Borden, Lizzy replied that she had received a telegram asking her to visit a sick friend. Lizzy didn’t believe that she was in the house.

Bridget and a neighbor woman discovered the body of Mrs. Borden shortly after the doctor arrived at the house. Apparently someone had attacked both Mr. and Mrs. Borden with a hatchet. Mrs. Borden received 18 blows to the head and face, and Mr. Borden received only 11 blows to the face.

Lizzy was arrested on August 11, 1892, and spent 10 months in jail awaiting trail. The jury only deliberated for one hour and a half. Reasonable doubt, because no murder weapon was found and no blood evidence was noted. The trail received a enormous amounts of national publicity.

The home of Lizzy Borden, 92 Second St., is now a Bed and Breakfast.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart was the first catholic community in Oklahoma. Father Felix was the first priest to celebrate mass at Sacred Heart, May 13, 1877. The service was held outside.

The town or monastery began to grow, and by the end of the year a two-story building, a school, and a farm had been built. The school started out for Indian boys. The first nuns, five sisters, arrived in 1880. They begun the school for girls, St. Mary’s Academy and Convent.

By 1884 the community had its own carpenter shop and tool house, blacksmith shop and stables, and bakery. The farm offered many animals as well as gardens, orchards, and vineyards.

Sacred Heart was a government contract school. St. Benedict’s Industrial School, for Indians, housing both boys and girls until the late 1890s. It also included college studies. The college taught classes in the finer arts of painting and music as well as a chemical lab. Basic classes of English, math, and business were also required teaching.

Then devastation struck the community and it never fully recovered. The fatal night was January 15, 1901. Fire broke out in the dinning room of the boys school. It quickly spread out of control. Within hours most of the building were gone, the boy’s and girl’s schools, as well as the college, the monastery and convent, even the church. Temporary wooden building were put into place for both schools.

Today a two-story building and the bakery are the only remains to remind us of this once great school, and the priests cemetery and the nuns cemetery are still keep up and clean. The church was rebuilt east of the community with a small cemetery.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Waverly Hill

Waverly Hills was one of the biggest hospitals for “The White Death” or Tuberculosis.
Contraction on Waverly Hills Sanatorium began in 1908. It started out as a two-story frame building. It opened on July 26, 1910. Originally it was set up to hold 50 patients. However with so many people carrying the disease a new hospital was build. Opening its doors on October 17, 1926, it provided accommodations up to 400 patients.

Because the disease was easily transmitted the staff had to live on the grounds. This was also the reason for the famed tunnel or “The Body Chute”. The tunnel was used to transport the dead out of the hospital without the patients knowing of other patients dying. It continued as a tuberculosis hospital until 1961.

In 1928, one of the nurses committed suicide by hanging herself on the fifth floor in room 502. She was unmarried and pregnant at the time.
In 1932, another nurse that worked in room 502 was found dead on the grounds. She either jumped from the roof patio, falling several stories to her death, or she was pushed from the roof patio. No one know for sure which one.
People have either seen or heard a child known as Timmy. There are reports of an elderly woman, her wrists wrapped in chains and bleeding, running out of the front door begging for help.

Other occurrences
There is a feeling of dread everywhere, photographs of orbs, evp’s of footsteps, and shadow people.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Skirvin Hotel

The Skirvin Hotel located in Oklahoma is one of the most haunted hotels in the state. W.B. Skirvin began building the hotel in 1910. In 1911, the Skirvin Hotel was ready to open its doors. The hotel had two towers rising up to 10 stories with over 200 rooms. Back in the day it was known as the finest hotel in Oklahoma. It was one of the first buildings to have air conditioning and running water in each room. Expansion came in 1930 with a third wing, also 4 more stories were added increasing the rooms to over 500.

Mr. Skirvin moved his family and their pets onto the ninth floor of the hotel. In October, 1979 the hotel was listed on National Register of Historic Places. W.B. Skirvin died in 1944. The hotel closed down in 1988, however it had a full complete make-over and has recently reopened.

The legend goes like this: Mr Skirvin had an affair with one of the maids working at the hotel. When she became pregnant, she was locked up in a room on the top floor. She still remained there after giving birth to her child. Soon she became depressed and unstable. With child in hand she jumped through a window. To this day no one knows the name of the maid, however the former employees named her Effie.

Other occurrences said to happen are as follows: Females reported hearing the cries of a baby in the middle of the night, men said that while taking a shower a naked female would appear in the shower with them and/or they would be propositioned by a female voice, things would be moved, and the maid's carts would move down the hallway when no one was around.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shadow People

Shadow People, what are they?
We don’t really know, however there are several theories.

One theory is shadow people are another way for ghosts to manifest. It takes less energy to reveal itself as a shadow then it does as an apparition. Most reports say that they appear as dark forms, silhouettes, seen with in the peripheral vision. Their movement can be swift especially if they realize they have been seen. They are mostly seen at night, however they can be seen in the day time hiding in the shadows.

Other theories are the imagination, demons, time travelers, interdimensional beings.

The imagination, illusions, our eyes are playing tricks on us, or real shadows caused by passing vehicle headlights. Demons, the dark shade of these beings led’s us to speculation. Time travelers, people from the future visiting us in the past. Interdimensional beings, some theorize that there are parallel dimensions and sometimes these dimensions cross into our world. Possibly allowing us a glimpse into another dimension, and the people who live in them.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Franks box or the Ghost box

Frank Sumption is the original creator of the Franks box or the Ghost box in 2002. However, some say that Thomas Edison was working on a spirit communicator. He never finished it. The box was built as a way to communicate with the spirit world. It allows for two-way communication.

The ghost box is used as an electronic method of spirit communication best categorized under ITC, Instrumental Transcommunication. ITC is the use of electronic video and audio equipment of communicate across dimension with discarnate human spirits.

The box scans AM and FM frequencies in a uninterrupted manner, creating white noise. Which is believed that ghosts can use to communicate with. This white noise is amplified. The box works interactively because you ask questions directly to the ghosts and receive answers back. How the box works seems to be affected by the strength of radio signals in an area. Poor signal quality reduces the ability for ghosts to make contact.

Continued research and experimenters have received positive messages, as well as negative messages.

A couple of tips when using the Franks box are that the box needs a good signal to work properly. If Am and/or FM stations are being picked up than the box will work. If the signal is weak try to strengthen the signal using an antenna. When communicating with ghosts ask plenty of questions. Give a reasonable amount of time for answers to come through.

Friday, May 22, 2009


I have our website up and going. Check out our site and sign the guestbook.

There is a lot of personal things going on in my life right now, I will not be doing any investigations for a while. I hope to be back soon.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Theories and Dimensions

I was recently at a paranormal class about theories. The instructor talked about the M-theory, so I came home and tried to do research on this topic. This theory is about alternate dimensions and parallel worlds.

The instructor commented about that instead of getting photo's of ghosts or voices of ghosts that what if a parallel world or dimension had crossed into our world. And what we thought were ghosts were actually people in this other world.

The more I thought about this the more is does make sense as one theory to explain the sighting of ghosts. But I'm not 100% for sure on this.

On some of my research on the M-theory this is what I found on wikipedia. M-theory is a new limit ( the final, utmost, or furthest boundary or point as to extent) of string theory in which 11 dimensions of space time may be identified. M-theory is not yet complete; however it can be applied in many situations. The "M" in M-theory could stand for master, mathematical, mother, mystery, membrane, magick, or matrix.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Ghost towns are defined as deserted town with few or no remaining inhabitants. There are a few websites out there that will point you in the direction of these types of towns as well as many books.

Some of these towns are what they say deserted. You will find a building or two remain or maybe most of the town site. Sometimes you will not find anything at all. All the buildings have either been torn down or moved to another town site. The building foundations or part of a wall might be the only thing left. Maybe the only surviving thing to let someone know that a town once stood there is the cemetery. Or a natural disaster destroyed the town, like a fire. And still some towns were emptied and the area flood to become a lake.

Then you have the ghost towns that are still surviving. Children still attend the school, the church is still active, or a long store is still opened for business to the locals that live in the area.

Finding these town sometimes can be a challenge. Being that the roads are no more traveled making it almost impossible to drive down them anymore. The main roads to the town were never payed, leaving only the dirt or gravel as a guide through the grassland. It can be fun trying to find them and succeeding in doing so, and learning about the history of the town. However it can be disappointing because there are no remains of the town not even foundations of the buildings.

I have been to a few of the ghost towns here in Oklahoma. I enjoy researching and reading about the old town and trying to find it. Oklahoma has many ghost towns, just I stated up above that not all of them can be found. And so far none of them have looked like a ghost town you see in the movies.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Paranormal Research Teams

There are many paranormal research groups out in the world today. It has became a popular thing to do. It is also an expensive hobby that doesn't pay. Ghost hunting doesn't pay, so if you are looking for a new profession so you can quit your day work well keep looking. In this area you have to pay for everything, equipment, gas, and food.

Most of the equipment you can purchase fairly cheap. Then there is the gas for the vehicle. You have to drive to the investigation, sometimes making several trips, don't forget about the research and interviews.

Ghost investigation can also be dangerous. If you are investigating a place that has low or no outside light and on a dirt road in the country you might want to be caution. There are crazy people who live in this world, not to mention a drug house. Those people will shoot first then maybe ask questions.

It is also hard to find people for your team who are dedicated to do the work, after all they are not getting paid to do this job and most have families. And when you find people who are willing to help in the work then you could have disagreements and arguments within the team. Not everyone can get along with everyone.

Sometimes you get luck and found a team where you get along with everyone then only to find out that the team is only in it for the fame, the TV show, and to see what kind of money can be made. These groups are not real paranormal investigators.

So if you are wanting to start your own team or join one be prepared for some work.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Haunted Cemeteries

Some people believe that cemeteries are not haunted, others will disagree. I disagree with this statement. I have seen cemetery pictures from other paranormal groups that have activity. I have taken pictures of shooting orbs or orbs with a tail in a cemetery. I have also taken EVP's from cemeteries.

Oklahoma has a few haunted cemeteries. Many other states have haunted cemeteries. Some are said to have evil presence and/or the presence of the devil. Some cemetery legends say that the cemetery has a doorway to hell or another dimension. You might caught a glimpse of light or hear sounds of animals.

I advice caution when investigating a cemetery. There could be bad people hanging out there as well. Obey any warning signs like "no trespassing". If possible get permission to investigate. Most cemeteries have signs posted as to who is the groundskeeper or a phone number to call.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oklahoma Legends

Stone Lion Inn is haunted by three ghosts, a older man who smokes, a young woman, and a child who plays on the third floor. The girl was accidental overdosed with cough syrup. The other two are thought to be from the time when it was a funeral home.

Guthrie Train Station is haunted by two sisters. Their father sold them to the woman who ran the bordello. One of the sisters was buried in the basement around the coal shoot after being beat to death.

Norman, it is rumored that Norman was built on an old Indian burial ground.

Skirven hotel has all kinds of paranormal activity going on inside.

Kitchen Lake is said to home to a evil witch. Her house buried down years ago and you can still see smoke from sometimes at night.

Court House Salina is rumored to have lots of paranormal activity.

Hillside Cemetery has strange goings on .

George Wright School had an old man wondering around and a motorcycle idling outside. However the school building has long since be torn down.

Indian Graveyard has sighting of ghosts walking around. Spooky feeling and feeling of being watched have been reported.

Gilcrease Museum is home to a ghost walking around at night.

Cemetery close to Konawa is know to have priests and monks that walk around during the night.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spirit Communication

Do you believe it is possible for spirits to communicate with us or for us to communicate with them? I know it is possible, for I have had at least two occurrences happen to me.

How do spirits communicate with us? It's not like they can just pick up a phone an call or text us. Or can they? There is a device out there now called 'the Franks Box'. It is used to talk with deceased love one. I have never had the opportunity to use one so I don't know how it works, but I've heard that it works.

I do know that spirits communicate with us through our dreams. Have you ever had a dream of a deceased love one or friend? A dream that seamed so real that you second guess yourself as to was it really a dream or did it happen. If you answered "yes" then you have had spirit communication.

Sometime spirits come back to help a person through a tough time in life or help them make the right decision, or maybe just to say everything is going to be all right, or maybe to say hello. A few years ago my grandfather, who died when I was very young, appeared in a dream of mine. He walked up to my side of the bed. I could see my room just as it was and my grandfather leaning over me in bed. He said to me that everything was going to be okay.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Earthbound Ghosts

What is an earthbound ghost? Simply it is a person who had died and have not crossed over to the other side. Earthbound ghosts, why do they still here and cross over. There are several difference reasons.

If they violently died, murder, suicide, or accidental. They might stay here to see justice done, their killer was put behind bars. With accidents, like a car crash, they might stay here to make sure that everyone who survived was going to recover. They feel they could offer some kind of help.

Another reason, which ties into the above reasons, is they don't know that they are dead. If they died in an accident they might not relies that they died. Just like in the movie "The Sixth Sense", the doctor died after a former patience killed him and he didn't know he was dead until the end of the movie.

Unfinished business will keep a ghost here on the earth. They haven't said good-by to everyone yet. What ever the reason to them they can't leave until everything had been completed.

In the TV show "Ghost Whisper" there was a ghost who was afraid to go into the light. He was afraid of what might await him on the other side and he felt safer on this side.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little about who we are

Who is Oklahoma Paranormal?

Oklahoma Paranormal was founded by Ann York in early 2008. From 2008 to the present, Oklahoma Paranormal has conducted several paranormal investigations, as well as helped in consultations via email and telephone. We are dedicated to the research, investigation, study, and education of the paranormal. Our investigations are conducted using scientific and psychic techniques in a professional manner above all else. As such, we have the highest respect for our clients. Oklahoma Paranormal is a non-profit organization and never charges for its services. Donations and the members themselves support us in helping you. Our goal is to gather, collect, and analyze data that will hopefully someday lead to a better understanding of the paranormal world.

Our website is under construction and hope to be up soon.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon. An evp is defined as a recording of nonphysical and/or spiritual voices and/or noises that is picked up. Evp's are taken with a voice recorder. This can be a simple tape recorder to a digital voice recorder.

To listen to your evp's use a set of headphones and turn up the volume. Listen very close for the slightest sound. Instead of a voice you might pick up growling, singing, humming, or footsteps. You can use white noise. White noise is sometimes use in the background to help make the voices stand out, this can be radio static. You don't have to do this, it's your choice.

Most investigators breakdown epv's into different classes; A, B, C, and D. Class A is most clear to hear as if someone was standing next to you, with B being less clear and audible, C and D are even less clear and harder to hear like a whisper.

Thomas Edison, in the 1920's, made a few attempts to create a devise used for spirit contact, but he never succeeded. The first documented case was in 1959. Fredrich Jurgenson was in the Swedish countryside trying to record bird songs. When playing them back he discovered the sound of a man speaking Norwegian about songs of birds.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Basic tools for paranormal investigators

Paranormal investigators have a variety of tools to use, from the simplest tape recorder so infrared cameras.

The first item I'm going to talk about the camera. This can be a cheap disposable camera to a expensive 35mm to any digital camera. There are also the infrared cameras. These are nice to have, but can get costly. Having an expensive camera doesn't mean you have the best camera. There is not one better than another.

Other helpful tool is voice recorder. This is used to record EVP's, electronic voice phenomenon. This is another tool that you don't have to spend a lot of money on. You can use a tape recorder with a microphone, a micro tape recorder, or a digital recorder.

EMF, electromagnetic field, is used to find electromagnetic fields. In theory paranormal activity can be detected using an EMF if the meter reads a disturbance. You will need to take into consideration that they can also pick up on home appliances and cell phones as well as power lines. Still a useful tool.

Thermometers are very useful. I don't mean the kind you stick under your tongue. Sudden drops or spikes in temperature can also indicate paranormal activity. There are affordable ones as well as expensive ones. As before just because it's expensive doesn't always make it better.

Infrared Motion Detectors are good tools to have but are not necessary. They detect movement. This tool is used by setting it up in a room when a investigator will not be in the room. You can pick up these starting at a reasonable price.

And of course don't forget you flashlight and lots of extra batteries. Paranormal activity can and will a lot of times drain your batteries almost instantly. You will also need notebook paper and pens for interviews and notes. A laptop computer is also another good tool to have.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Orbs, what are they?

This is a very touchy subject. Most paranormal investigators don't recognize orbs at all. Why? Aren't these round objects paranormal activity?

It is so easy to create orbs, especially with a digital camera. There are many things that when photographed will look like an orb, dust; dirt; flying insects; cold breath, to name a few. Some will say that if there is color to the orb or if it has a tail then they will consider it paranormal energy. Orbs are not actuality ghosts. It implies that paranormal activity could be present. Orbs appear in pictures as round balls of light. They range in size from very small to huge.

I have taken many pictures with orbs in them. I also have a picture of a orb with a tail and one that is very brightly lit up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Different types of ghosts

Apparition can be a full bodied or partial bodied ghost. A full bodied ghost is where you can see the entire body of a person. A partial bodied ghost is where you will only see part of the body like a head or the lower portion of the body. Sometimes you will see a ghost doing the same thing over and over, like always walking down a certain hallway or going up the stairs. This is done because that was something the ghost did in it's life and they are repeating it or reliving a moment in their life.

Poltergeists usually center their attention around one person. Most time these ghosts will be attracted to a person who is going through or are dealing with a lot of physical and/or emotional stress and/or anxiety. These are the ones that like to move objects, open and close doors, and knock on the walls.

Entities are creatures of divine or unearthly in nature and that they have not lived as human, for instances angels and/or demons. Usually feelings of overwhelming good ( angels ) or evil ( demons ) are associated with these.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ghost vs Spirit

Everyone has there own definitions of ghosts and spirits. And really no one is wrong. Webster's dictionary defines a ghost as "The spirit of a dead person which is believed to appear to or haunt living persons, a spirit." And defines a spirit as "The vital essence of man, considered by personality and self- consciousness, a supernatural being, as a ghost or angel. I don't know about you but these sound somewhat confusing.

I define a ghost as a person who has passed away but who has not crossed over into the spirit world. They are still Earth bound. I define a spirit as a person who has passed away and has crossed over into the spirit world. They also can cross into either world as they please.