Friday, April 24, 2009

Paranormal Research Teams

There are many paranormal research groups out in the world today. It has became a popular thing to do. It is also an expensive hobby that doesn't pay. Ghost hunting doesn't pay, so if you are looking for a new profession so you can quit your day work well keep looking. In this area you have to pay for everything, equipment, gas, and food.

Most of the equipment you can purchase fairly cheap. Then there is the gas for the vehicle. You have to drive to the investigation, sometimes making several trips, don't forget about the research and interviews.

Ghost investigation can also be dangerous. If you are investigating a place that has low or no outside light and on a dirt road in the country you might want to be caution. There are crazy people who live in this world, not to mention a drug house. Those people will shoot first then maybe ask questions.

It is also hard to find people for your team who are dedicated to do the work, after all they are not getting paid to do this job and most have families. And when you find people who are willing to help in the work then you could have disagreements and arguments within the team. Not everyone can get along with everyone.

Sometimes you get luck and found a team where you get along with everyone then only to find out that the team is only in it for the fame, the TV show, and to see what kind of money can be made. These groups are not real paranormal investigators.

So if you are wanting to start your own team or join one be prepared for some work.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Haunted Cemeteries

Some people believe that cemeteries are not haunted, others will disagree. I disagree with this statement. I have seen cemetery pictures from other paranormal groups that have activity. I have taken pictures of shooting orbs or orbs with a tail in a cemetery. I have also taken EVP's from cemeteries.

Oklahoma has a few haunted cemeteries. Many other states have haunted cemeteries. Some are said to have evil presence and/or the presence of the devil. Some cemetery legends say that the cemetery has a doorway to hell or another dimension. You might caught a glimpse of light or hear sounds of animals.

I advice caution when investigating a cemetery. There could be bad people hanging out there as well. Obey any warning signs like "no trespassing". If possible get permission to investigate. Most cemeteries have signs posted as to who is the groundskeeper or a phone number to call.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oklahoma Legends

Stone Lion Inn is haunted by three ghosts, a older man who smokes, a young woman, and a child who plays on the third floor. The girl was accidental overdosed with cough syrup. The other two are thought to be from the time when it was a funeral home.

Guthrie Train Station is haunted by two sisters. Their father sold them to the woman who ran the bordello. One of the sisters was buried in the basement around the coal shoot after being beat to death.

Norman, it is rumored that Norman was built on an old Indian burial ground.

Skirven hotel has all kinds of paranormal activity going on inside.

Kitchen Lake is said to home to a evil witch. Her house buried down years ago and you can still see smoke from sometimes at night.

Court House Salina is rumored to have lots of paranormal activity.

Hillside Cemetery has strange goings on .

George Wright School had an old man wondering around and a motorcycle idling outside. However the school building has long since be torn down.

Indian Graveyard has sighting of ghosts walking around. Spooky feeling and feeling of being watched have been reported.

Gilcrease Museum is home to a ghost walking around at night.

Cemetery close to Konawa is know to have priests and monks that walk around during the night.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spirit Communication

Do you believe it is possible for spirits to communicate with us or for us to communicate with them? I know it is possible, for I have had at least two occurrences happen to me.

How do spirits communicate with us? It's not like they can just pick up a phone an call or text us. Or can they? There is a device out there now called 'the Franks Box'. It is used to talk with deceased love one. I have never had the opportunity to use one so I don't know how it works, but I've heard that it works.

I do know that spirits communicate with us through our dreams. Have you ever had a dream of a deceased love one or friend? A dream that seamed so real that you second guess yourself as to was it really a dream or did it happen. If you answered "yes" then you have had spirit communication.

Sometime spirits come back to help a person through a tough time in life or help them make the right decision, or maybe just to say everything is going to be all right, or maybe to say hello. A few years ago my grandfather, who died when I was very young, appeared in a dream of mine. He walked up to my side of the bed. I could see my room just as it was and my grandfather leaning over me in bed. He said to me that everything was going to be okay.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Earthbound Ghosts

What is an earthbound ghost? Simply it is a person who had died and have not crossed over to the other side. Earthbound ghosts, why do they still here and cross over. There are several difference reasons.

If they violently died, murder, suicide, or accidental. They might stay here to see justice done, their killer was put behind bars. With accidents, like a car crash, they might stay here to make sure that everyone who survived was going to recover. They feel they could offer some kind of help.

Another reason, which ties into the above reasons, is they don't know that they are dead. If they died in an accident they might not relies that they died. Just like in the movie "The Sixth Sense", the doctor died after a former patience killed him and he didn't know he was dead until the end of the movie.

Unfinished business will keep a ghost here on the earth. They haven't said good-by to everyone yet. What ever the reason to them they can't leave until everything had been completed.

In the TV show "Ghost Whisper" there was a ghost who was afraid to go into the light. He was afraid of what might await him on the other side and he felt safer on this side.