Monday, May 4, 2009


Ghost towns are defined as deserted town with few or no remaining inhabitants. There are a few websites out there that will point you in the direction of these types of towns as well as many books.

Some of these towns are what they say deserted. You will find a building or two remain or maybe most of the town site. Sometimes you will not find anything at all. All the buildings have either been torn down or moved to another town site. The building foundations or part of a wall might be the only thing left. Maybe the only surviving thing to let someone know that a town once stood there is the cemetery. Or a natural disaster destroyed the town, like a fire. And still some towns were emptied and the area flood to become a lake.

Then you have the ghost towns that are still surviving. Children still attend the school, the church is still active, or a long store is still opened for business to the locals that live in the area.

Finding these town sometimes can be a challenge. Being that the roads are no more traveled making it almost impossible to drive down them anymore. The main roads to the town were never payed, leaving only the dirt or gravel as a guide through the grassland. It can be fun trying to find them and succeeding in doing so, and learning about the history of the town. However it can be disappointing because there are no remains of the town not even foundations of the buildings.

I have been to a few of the ghost towns here in Oklahoma. I enjoy researching and reading about the old town and trying to find it. Oklahoma has many ghost towns, just I stated up above that not all of them can be found. And so far none of them have looked like a ghost town you see in the movies.