Friday, April 24, 2009

Paranormal Research Teams

There are many paranormal research groups out in the world today. It has became a popular thing to do. It is also an expensive hobby that doesn't pay. Ghost hunting doesn't pay, so if you are looking for a new profession so you can quit your day work well keep looking. In this area you have to pay for everything, equipment, gas, and food.

Most of the equipment you can purchase fairly cheap. Then there is the gas for the vehicle. You have to drive to the investigation, sometimes making several trips, don't forget about the research and interviews.

Ghost investigation can also be dangerous. If you are investigating a place that has low or no outside light and on a dirt road in the country you might want to be caution. There are crazy people who live in this world, not to mention a drug house. Those people will shoot first then maybe ask questions.

It is also hard to find people for your team who are dedicated to do the work, after all they are not getting paid to do this job and most have families. And when you find people who are willing to help in the work then you could have disagreements and arguments within the team. Not everyone can get along with everyone.

Sometimes you get luck and found a team where you get along with everyone then only to find out that the team is only in it for the fame, the TV show, and to see what kind of money can be made. These groups are not real paranormal investigators.

So if you are wanting to start your own team or join one be prepared for some work.