Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Guthrie Masonic Boys Home

Here are the legends of the boys home.

One of the head mistresses was cruel. One time she punished a 6-year-old boy and beat him to death. She buried his body in the basement of the home. When questioned about the boys disappearance she said that the boy had run off. Over the follow three years four more boys disappeared.

The plumbing in the orphanage broke and in order to repair it the workers would be digging about in the basement. So the head mistress decided it would be best to move the bodies. One of the custodians noticed her strange actions and followed her to the basement. He watched her dig up the remains.

Also a nurse working at the home hung herself in the bell tower, they say she had anger issues and was probably unstable with reality. Other reports claim that there were graves in the backyard.

Ghostly encounters include an entity of a little girl who pleads for protection, a woman has been seen walking down the main hallway, a dark shadow has been seen in the bell tower and has been known to hover around people, and sounds of crying and screaming children.

The Masonic Children’s Home opened it’s door on December 31, 1907, in Atoka OK. In 1910 the home was moved near El Reno, OK. September 1922 was when the doors at Guthrie were open. The home remained opened until 1977. In 2000 it was privately bought and remolded into a residents.