Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oklahoma City ghost caught on tape

On July 17 2003, a ghost was caught on a surveillance camera at an auto storage lot in Oklahoma City. The woman watching the event sent out another employee to take a look. The employee reported not to have seen anything unusual. The ghostly image looked human-shaded and floated around in a circular pattern as if searching for something.

After this story aired on television a family came forward claiming the woman was there daughter, Tracy Martin. Tracy died from the injuries she received from a horrible car crash on June 30. Then 18 days later her truck was moved, from the place it had set when it was brought to the lot, just hours before the image appeared on the video camera.

A well known and respected paranormal group, of the area, conducted an investigation and found no evidence of any other paranormal activity at this location. Experts in the field of video editing all agreed that the video couldn't be explained and that it would cost thousand of dollars on equipment to recreate this video.

Another paranormal group viewed the video and afterward they thought they could recreate it. Using the stage illusion called “pepper's ghost” they claimed that they were successful at recreating the video.

I have listed both paranormal teams links and the youtube link for you can decided for yourself.