Monday, June 15, 2009

Skirvin Hotel

The Skirvin Hotel located in Oklahoma is one of the most haunted hotels in the state. W.B. Skirvin began building the hotel in 1910. In 1911, the Skirvin Hotel was ready to open its doors. The hotel had two towers rising up to 10 stories with over 200 rooms. Back in the day it was known as the finest hotel in Oklahoma. It was one of the first buildings to have air conditioning and running water in each room. Expansion came in 1930 with a third wing, also 4 more stories were added increasing the rooms to over 500.

Mr. Skirvin moved his family and their pets onto the ninth floor of the hotel. In October, 1979 the hotel was listed on National Register of Historic Places. W.B. Skirvin died in 1944. The hotel closed down in 1988, however it had a full complete make-over and has recently reopened.

The legend goes like this: Mr Skirvin had an affair with one of the maids working at the hotel. When she became pregnant, she was locked up in a room on the top floor. She still remained there after giving birth to her child. Soon she became depressed and unstable. With child in hand she jumped through a window. To this day no one knows the name of the maid, however the former employees named her Effie.

Other occurrences said to happen are as follows: Females reported hearing the cries of a baby in the middle of the night, men said that while taking a shower a naked female would appear in the shower with them and/or they would be propositioned by a female voice, things would be moved, and the maid's carts would move down the hallway when no one was around.