Friday, June 19, 2009

Waverly Hill

Waverly Hills was one of the biggest hospitals for “The White Death” or Tuberculosis.
Contraction on Waverly Hills Sanatorium began in 1908. It started out as a two-story frame building. It opened on July 26, 1910. Originally it was set up to hold 50 patients. However with so many people carrying the disease a new hospital was build. Opening its doors on October 17, 1926, it provided accommodations up to 400 patients.

Because the disease was easily transmitted the staff had to live on the grounds. This was also the reason for the famed tunnel or “The Body Chute”. The tunnel was used to transport the dead out of the hospital without the patients knowing of other patients dying. It continued as a tuberculosis hospital until 1961.

In 1928, one of the nurses committed suicide by hanging herself on the fifth floor in room 502. She was unmarried and pregnant at the time.
In 1932, another nurse that worked in room 502 was found dead on the grounds. She either jumped from the roof patio, falling several stories to her death, or she was pushed from the roof patio. No one know for sure which one.
People have either seen or heard a child known as Timmy. There are reports of an elderly woman, her wrists wrapped in chains and bleeding, running out of the front door begging for help.

Other occurrences
There is a feeling of dread everywhere, photographs of orbs, evp’s of footsteps, and shadow people.