Monday, June 29, 2009

Lizzy Borden

The famed Lizzie Borden, did she murder her father and step-mother. We may never know the what really happen. This has became one of the most famous unsolved crimes of all time.

Lizzie was born, to Andrew and Sarah Borden, in Fall River Massachusetts on July 19, 1860. She died of pneumonia on June 1, 1927. She had one older sister, Emma Borden. She was acquitted of murdering her father and step-mother. No one else was ever arrested or tried for the crimes.

It all began on August 4, 1892. Emma was not at home and the maid, Bridget Sullivan, was in her room resting. She had gotten sick earlier that morning. Mrs. Borden was upstairs tiding up the guest room and Mr. Borden was out on errands. Lizzy was out in the barn looking for fishing lures for an upcoming fishing trip.

At 10:45 Mr. Borden returned home and laid down in the sitting room for a nap. Around 11:00 Lizzy woke up Bridget saying that someone had broke into the house and killer her father. When Bridget asked about Mrs. Borden, Lizzy replied that she had received a telegram asking her to visit a sick friend. Lizzy didn’t believe that she was in the house.

Bridget and a neighbor woman discovered the body of Mrs. Borden shortly after the doctor arrived at the house. Apparently someone had attacked both Mr. and Mrs. Borden with a hatchet. Mrs. Borden received 18 blows to the head and face, and Mr. Borden received only 11 blows to the face.

Lizzy was arrested on August 11, 1892, and spent 10 months in jail awaiting trail. The jury only deliberated for one hour and a half. Reasonable doubt, because no murder weapon was found and no blood evidence was noted. The trail received a enormous amounts of national publicity.

The home of Lizzy Borden, 92 Second St., is now a Bed and Breakfast.